It Doesn't Get More Original Than This.

With only 11 original Cheetahs ever produced, it's time for some company. Since the introduction of the new Cheetah Continuation Coupe in Arizona in early 2006, vintage racing enthusiasts are rekindling some of their most cherished memories: the thrilling 1964 racing season, when the Cheetah captured 11 wins (and Cheetah believers know it should have been many more).

Bill Thomas Cheetah Continuation Collectible Coupe
Bill Thomas Continuation Cheetah Turnkey Collectible
Manufactured by BTM LLC of Arizona.
Cheetah Continuation Collectible LLC - The 1965 Bill Thomas Continuation Cheetah Coupe and Cro-Sal Special Roadster
26 Century Drive / Oswego, IL 60543 /