A Legend Reborn:
The Bill Thomas Cheetah

The 40-plus year wait is finally over. The dream that went up in smoke and flames - literally, when Bill Thomas' factory was consumed by fire in late 1965 - has emerged from the ashes.

To hear once again that unforgettable, throaty growl . . . to be reminded of the sheer power and speed of the storied Cheetah . . . Yes, the dream lives again. Not as a replica, but as a true continuation of the original, authorized by the Cat's father himself, the legendary Bill Thomas.

Bill Thomas Cheetah Continuation Collectible
Bill Thomas Continuation Cheetah Turnkey Collectible.
Manufactured by BTM LLC of Arizona.
Cheetah Continuation Collectible LLC - The 1965 Bill Thomas Continuation Cheetah Coupe and Cro-Sal Special Roadster
26 Century Drive / Oswego, IL 60543 / 65Cheetah@comcast.net